The show was well received and apart from the promoters I dont think anybody could tell we were missing a member and had to scramble together a new show where half of the songs were written three days before. Nowadays it is actually not so important where you live since you have many contacts and you can fly easily everywhere, with some organization. Sure there's a part of nostalgia in what we do, but it should help us on a creative level and not keep us in conservatism. The result is a rhythmic clatter which gave its name to the street (gir gir gir gir is like an onomatopoeia for the sounds of the mechanical machines) Where do you get all your inspiration from and what does motivate you to make music? A Farfisa, double keyboard bass pedals. Au départ, je faisais tout à lordinateur en numérique pour des questions pratiques. Motivation: Its something rather required actually. Ben: Gosh there might be many I like different kinds of punk music even some minimalwave tracks can be punk in my kind of taste. Some small labels seem to do great as well, such as Visage and Electric Voice. I do most of the visual design for the band; sleeve artwork etc But it is all done on consensus anyway which makes it collaborative.

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again the first sketch of a song happens really often that: Fuck! So Makina Girgir: Origin: Ethiopia (I must first say Im an Ethiopian pop music fan for a very long time. Jonas : Well there have been a few developments only quite recently, unexpected, just prior to the show we did in Helsinki at Deadly Beat. Also a release on Zagrebs finest DIY label 0,5 probably. I come from the hardcore scene, but even then, I liked what I could hear in the genre and occasionally playing on the radio, in clubs or friends: OMD, New Order, Rational Youth, Visage. Zarkoff is your solo project but whos working with you in Popsimonova, fffc, Sumerian Fleet and Kali Jugend? Post Ads, browse, july 15, 2018, fuck Me Hard Sex All time  - 24 (France). But from the start, it was out of question for me to play live without using real sounds, that is to say analog. I recently bought myself an Arturia minilab midi controller which has a huge audio canvas, and is very practical, and a fretless bass. Actually, Ive been collaborating with the German webradio WAD, almost since its debut, in the form of a monthly mix. It never feels difficult to write or work on new music. Peu à peu, jai ajouté des sons analogiques dans les enregistrements. AratkiLo is rather on standby these days, except of a recent remix I made for the Spanish artist Mynationshit, published recently on the Gradual Hate Records label.

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So I asked her to join for vocals. There was a rough period from (approximately) and now somethings happening again, good parties and concerts in Zagreb every weekend, a few new places opened up, a new vinyl store, some new labels, radio shows. Im too much convinced and aware that everything has already been done. I remember I discovered at this time, through this instrument, essential / obvious layers of a composition: rhythms (pre-programmed in this case bass (organ pedals) chords / arrangements (left hand lead / melodies (right hand) Which artists have influenced your adolescence the most? Inspiration: la vie courante lâme humaine. Then later these brass fanfares were replaced. Well, I studied phonetics and Russian language/literature, escort seine saint denis suresnes so I was into literature a lot. And yes I have been working on tracks. Actually, I began around the age. In style of punkrock i am a big fan of Schleimkeim, Telekoma, GG Allin, Unicef, Demented Are Go and everything raw, rough best with violent vocals! Thats the Ultimate freedom to me, the one that gives a room for the expression of mood, desire to create without any constraint of time or period And of course Im always motivated by the emotions, reactions, induced in this discreet but lively people/audience, who. Then the second time at the Zombie Academie festivalalso totally overcrowded place crazy freaky people all over the place really violent pogo dancing they had to put 2 bouncers in front of the stage sexe 94 waregem so that the people dont enter the stage all the time! Frasco: There is a plan for a new LP Album that will name Schwere Schritte (literally Heavy Steps that will collect some singles that we already release, and brand new songs, that are in form of sketches now. 18 (Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Paris, Strasbourg, Toulouse) Czech Girls for You! Which punk record have you been listening to the most in your life? Projet destiné à produire une musique sombre, nourrie dinfluences industrielles et crépusculaires, electroïde, flirtant avec la dark wave. Enfin du coté de mon label, Falco Invernale Records, la sortie concomitante de FIR006 avec un 6 titres du duo Franco-Belge :codes. The first track to be released was Afraid Redux on the resistor unit 1 compilation by Simulacron (a Kommando 6 sublabel actually) after some exciting exchanges with Dystronic asiatiqueplancul com montreuil and Beta Evers. Im sure it would have been extremely Pet Shop Boys pop. It has to be the right people. Le web ma ensuite permis de connaitre un tas dautres groupes du genre, mais moins connus.

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